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What Emerging New Startup Business Work Well with a Farm or Old Factory Building?

If you have a farm or an old factory building, you may be wondering what kind of new startup business you can start or host on your property. There are many possibilities, depending on your location, resources, interests, and goals. Here are some examples of emerging new startup businesses that work well with a farm or an old factory building:

  • Vertical farming. Vertical farming is a method of growing crops indoors, using vertical structures, artificial lighting, and controlled environments. Vertical farming can save space, water, and energy, and produce fresh and nutritious food year-round. Vertical farming can also be a profitable business, as it can cater to the growing demand for local and organic food in urban areas. According to CNN1, an innovative agriculture startup called Plenty plans to open an indoor vertical farm in Compton, California, to bring jobs and fresh produce to the city. The company will condense 700 acres of farmland into a 95,000 square foot warehouse, where food-bearing plants will grow vertically. If you have an old factory building, you can convert it into a vertical farm and grow crops such as lettuce, kale, herbs, strawberries, and tomatoes.
  • Co-working space. Co-working space is a shared office space where independent workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses can rent desks, offices, meeting rooms, and other amenities. Co-working space can offer flexibility, affordability, networking, and collaboration opportunities for its members. Co-working space can also be a lucrative business, as it can generate recurring revenue from memberships, events, and services. According to Entrepreneur2, co-working spaces are emerging in the Rust Belt region of the United States, where entrepreneurs and innovators are recognizing the potential and opportunities of this region. If you have a farm or an old factory building, you can transform it into a co-working space and attract members who are looking for a unique and creative work environment.