1.) It builds upon your value proposition

A great business name is built around a branding strategy and compliments your value proposition.  A business that offers easy access to reliable workspace should not chose a business name that is ambiguous, such as “diligent”.  It’s a great name, but it does not compliment the value proposition.  Naming it Hot Desk Pro, speak to fast, easy access and professional.


2.) Separate you from the crowd

A business must allow you to stand out from competitors. It should be memorable and offer market differentiation.  All the best business names are not taken.  Even a play of words can be very brand rewarding.  Take for example the word, Majeler, the phonetic pronunciation of modular.  The spelling is cool, creative and memorable.


3.) A business name should inspire

A business name should connect with you target audience emotionally and entice you to act.  Take Home Depot.  The name inspires you to begin or complete a project.